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Erotic Ramblings of a Self Professed Lap Kitten

   Jun 08

Lydia’s Shadow

Chapter 1

 Tartarus is the place of punishment hidden deep within the earth.  It is the place where those the Fates deem of irrefutable evil are sent to suffer their eternal torment. The entrance, in which there is an enormous portal, has pillars of solid adamant that not even the gods could succeed in tearing down or tumbling over. This is the part of the Underworld inhabited by evil daemons and various other creatures used by Hades to torment any subjects who find themselves delivered into this kingdom of the dead.  For some, life in the underworld is not completely unpleasant.  It is more like a miserable dream, full of shadows and without sunshine or hope.  It is a dark place where the dead wallow in their appointed punishments for the way they lived their lives.   The very good and decent go to the Elysian Fields.  Others are singled out for special treatment.   One particular treatment was used for the women who rejoiced in toying with men by using their beauty and sexual prowess in evil ways. They were usually treated to one of the lower levels of Tartarus.  A place where Hades kept his most prized slaves and tormenters, it was a place some Gods and Goddesses visited often for their own sexual gratification.

Hades had a multitude off different types of sex slaves.  Some were used for the Gods and Goddesses entertainment.  But Shadow was not a slave used for anyone’s enjoyment.  A soldier of sorts in Hades sadistic arm of slaves, Shadow was one of the cruelest and most skilled sex slaves in the lower dungeons.  He was loyal and took his rank in Hades army of tormentors seriously.  One evening while strolling through the halls of the dark bordello, Persephone observed Shadow torturing a small petite blond subject in one of the rooms and fell in lust with him.  The woman’s hands were bound together at the wrist and looped over a hook that was affixed to the ceiling above her.  Her hair was damp and long curling tendrils that curtained her tear stained face.  She was being forced to stand on the tips of her toes and there were bright pink whelps starting to rise on her buttocks.  Shadow paced around her slowly observing his work.  He stopped behind her and the light from the sconce burning on the wall spilled onto his tanned skin.  He was beautiful.  Not many men in Tartarus were as developed and taught.  He had jet-black hair that was cropped short and spiked back with sweat and soot.  He wore black leather pants and boots but no shirt.  His bulging biceps were wrapped with a thick intricate tribal tattoo and a similar styled one adorned his lower back.  His chest and neck were covered with sweat much like his victims, but Persephone was sure the water dripping from his body was not from receiving torment but from inflicting it.  Suddenly, he stepped up behind his subject and whispered something in the woman’s ear that made Persephone blush with a desire to dominate this man that stood so boldly before her.  “I think I’m going to like torturing you.  Pink… pink” he smiled as he tweaked one of her nipples “…you turn pink when I spank you and not red like the rest.”  Shadow reached out and rubbed the pink whelps he had just created and admired his work.  “I wonder how pink your pussy will turn when I fuck you.”  His words flowed out as smooth as butter.  His voice was deep and had a seductive growl to it that created a need in Persephone to experience him for herself.  Watching wasn’t enough and the overwhelming tide of carnal desire caused a sigh to escaper Persephone’s lips.  Instantly, Shadow’s chin lifted in Persephone’s direction with acknowledgement he was being interrupted.  She turned and left him to his work, but knew she had to bed him.  Kink and S&M were known sports of the Gods and Goddesses that enjoyed the fruits of Hades slaves. Persephone now had developed a desire for one of the forbidden fruits of Tartarus.  She tried everything within her power to seduce him with no avail.  Shadows job was to dole out torment and if Persephone desired Shadows skills than the best way to torment her was to reject her, Goddess or no Goddess.  Frustrated, she eventually approached Hades himself in a bid to get him to instruct Shadow to bend to her whim, but her requests were met with laughter and scorn.  Never should she have wandered those halls and interrupted a slaves work, much less expect Hades to excuse him from duty when there were dozens of other slaves reserved for her pleasure.  For a while Hades was amused by Persephone’s weakness, but eventual amusement faded into a fire of jealousy that burned hotter than Hades had ever experienced.  Knowing that Persephone lusted for Shadow while sharing his bed was torment to the king of the underworld.  His only solace was the loyalty his slave had showed in the past.  Hades knew the lengths Persephone would travel to get what she wanted and feared Shadow would eventually take her torment to the next level.  The only fate harsher than rejection for Persephone would be to be bedded by a slave and then have her advanced spurned harshly afterward.  Hades paced the halls of Shadow’s torture chamber all night and listened to the fear and pain his slave inflicted upon his many subjects.  While watching Shadows victims being forced into submission with all sorts of perverse skill, Hades decided to rid himself of the concern and Shadow from Tartarus. 

Once the banishment was complete, Hades returned to bed to find Persephone waiting for him.  Angered that she would never have an opportunity to fulfill her lust, she coldly refused Hades advances.  Hours later, the distance between Persephone and Shadow had squelched her desires.  Her spurned advanced had created a bitterness that prompted her to use Hades sexual appetite to her advantage.  The least he could do was allow her to curse Shadow.  If the slave thought so highly of himself that he could refuse a Goddess, he should be cursed to wander the earth in the same darkness that resides in the Underworld.  He should be destined to never feel the warmth of the sun on his face.  Why should a slave of Tartarus roam the earth free to do as he chooses?  Hades, regretful that he had to dismiss a slave so loyal as Shadow, gave in and decided to at least make the most of a bad situation.  Besides Hades knew he was hastily releasing one of his slaves to earth without permission from his brother Zeus.  If Shadow was cursed to walk the earth at night as a vampire, Zeus wouldn’t notice as quickly and Hades could find a way to break the news to him without angering his older brother. 

Awake in the dark, after spending his sexual desires and frustrations for Persephone his state of mind refreshed and he took in all of the quick decisions he had made.  With nothing on his mind now but greed and how many lost souls populated his hell, Hades was angered at having lost such a loyal subject on the weakness of Persephone’s lusts.  His mind kept drifting back to Shadow and decided he must at least give him an out to his curse in order to avoid the wrath of the Fates himself.  Hades deemed the only release from the curse could be given by a Goddess unlike any other.  She must be Goddess willing to give up what is most dear to her in order to proclaim her love openly for Shadow.  Hades’ wicked laugh filled the darkness of his bedchamber, as he knew the key to Shadow’s curse would never be filled by any of the stingy Goddesses that visited the Kink of his Chambers.  What type of Goddess would take a vampire openly as her mate?

Chapter 2

 Adaptation to change was never an easy thing for Shadow.  The skills he had developed as a Tartarus sex slave were slowly developed over centuries.  He repeated techniques methodically and his subjects soon learned that the things he did to inflict torture were never ceasing.  He learned from experimentation.  But he took his time deciding when one torture was effective and another was not.  Simple things entertained him.  How long could a woman stand on her toes before she started to sway?  Sometimes he would torture them just for struggling to keep their balance all the while the licks of his whip forcing them to struggle?  He paid close attention to how many lashes he could inflict upon a bare buttock before he broke skin?  He loved the escalation of color in their cheeks as they gasped and choked on their tears. 

This time, Shadow had to learn to adapt to his own changing environment.  The ways of earth were new to him and for years he sought shelter in caves and hid from mortals.  He eventually found his way to New Orleans and allowed the various women of the night to approach him.  All too quickly, the women learned that advances from Shadow were not ones they would recover from quickly.  He was sadistic and only related to sex in a way that would allow him to release his anger by inflicting fear and pain on the women of his choosing.  He indulged his fantasies by ravaging the innocent and striking fear into any woman who stumbled into his path in the dark.  Because of the violence he indulged in, Shadow was resigned to living the life of a gypsy.  He very rarely stayed in one place for to long and would roam the streets of one suspecting towns and city after another.

Memphis lit up from a distance and before long Shadow drifted into the outskirts of this thriving region.  Small town squares dotted the outlying area and on this particular night a strange smell floated on the air and took all of Shadows senses captive.  The curse running through his veins made him hunger for a taste of the sweet blood that called out to him, but the man in him smelled the woman walking down the street in the dark.  Rarely did Shadow act on a craving for blood.  The knowledge he was cursed allowed Shadow to fulfill his craving for blood with a rare steak at a nice restaurant or fill it will wild animals in the countryside, but the smell of the woman was irresistible to him and he instantly felt a sexual desire that couldn’t be squelched easily.  He was in need of releasing a bit of carnality and she smelled ripe for the taking.  In a flushed state of heat, he turned in her direction and began the hunt for her.

The cold crisp air awakened every sense that Lydia had tonight.  Normally, her walk home was a peaceful one, but tonight she had the odd sensation that something was out there watching her every move.  She quickened her pace as the rain began to fall.  She knew all to well not to run when she sensed danger, but what she felt tonight was a far cry from danger.  The rain splashed against her bare shoulders and quickly her chills over took her.  There was some comfort in the lights that shined through the windows of the townhouses and shops that lined her street.  The night air smelled of honeysuckle and jasmine so thick that any fear that would float through the air to warn her would be disguised.  The sweet soothing smell beckoned memories of her youth and the carefree days she had spent growing up in the south.  The puddles forming on the sidewalk bounced with each drop that added to their size and licked at the back of her calves as she ran through them.  In the stretch from the corner to her house, Lydia recognized a wide variety of emotions and struggled to contain an urge to cry.  What was going on, she thought to herself as she reached for the gate that led her from the sidewalk to her front door?  Once inside, she turned to peer out of the storm door that shielded her from what ever it was that had been stalking her in the night.  Lydia had always known she had inherited a measure of telepathy from her mothers’ side of the family, but she had never taken it too seriously?  Her mother had passed away while giving birth to her and her grandmother and her grandmother’s sisters had raised her.  She always new there was a story about her family history, but she had never known her father or his family.  Her grandmother had always protected Lydia from the world and stressed she should never abuse her gifts, but exactly what those gifts were had never fully been revealed to her.  In her own mind, she had resigned herself to the notion that her ability to sense others thoughts, ideas, and feelings was her gift.  What or who was out there that captivated her emotions?  What ever it is, she thought as she turned and shut the big oak carved wooden door behind her, it isn’t going to control me – emotions or otherwise.

 Outside in the rain, a tall dark figure loomed off to the side of the old house Lydia had inherited from her grandmother.  The windows were tall and the sheer curtains that hung from them were parted just enough that he had a clear view of her full body standing at the dining room table flipping through her mail and bobbing her head in rhythm to the music that played from her television.  Her image was sleek and graceful.  She only stood at five foot four inches, but her petite frame carried an athletic build that allowed her to carry herself as a dancer would.  She seemed to glide across the room with ease as she shifted her shoulders from one side to another in unison with the beat.  She was mesmerizing to watch, her auburn hair was long and floated as she moved.  It held a natural curl to it and ended just above her tiny waist.  Her eyes blazed with amazing shades of green and blue depending on the angle from which she was standing.  He felt an intensity in this one spirit that normally would have made him want to snuff it out like an annoying firefly that hurt his eyes, but she was different.  She was enchanting to observe.   His mouth watered for a taste of her as he lost track of her disappearing from one window and reappearing in the next as she moved about her house carelessly.  Suddenly, he blinked in disbelief as she breezed up to the window unexpectedly and held his gaze for a brief instant.  The smile never left her face but he knew she had seen him.  An unfamiliar feeling gripped him he hadn’t felt before.  Stunned to accept it, Shadow realized he was wrestling with fear.  The realization rocked him harder than the night he was cast from Tartarus.  Fear was his to control.  For centuries, he had mastered control over his victims by enticing them into a game of emotional cat and mouse.  He used fear to cripple their senses and make them vulnerable.  How could she have produced that sensation in him?  He stood baffled as the music stopped and all of the lights on the lower level of the house went black simultaneously with the clap of her hands.  The sound of her lighthearted footsteps climbing the stair echoed against the windowpanes and he knew he needed a closer look at this exotic woman.

Lydia had seen the shadow of a man watching her from outside and couldn’t deny her interest in his reason for being there.  She knew that fear was a normal reaction for such situations but for some reason unknown to her, fear wasn’t being called for in this one.  Maybe it was the way her grandmother had taught her to separate herself from her emotions and to deal with situations by working through them logically with the wisdom she had within.  If this man were someone she should fear than she fully trusted her senses to tell her to be afraid.  He obviously was the one she felt watching her as she came home tonight.  Why hadn’t he just approached her on the sidewalk?  Why was he trying to hide himself from her?  Lydia laughed to herself softly as she slid her dress off of her shoulders and let it seductively slide over her hips and flutter to the ground. She knew all to well the people watching her didn’t know about her ability to sense things.  When in school, Lydia could always tell what type of intentions the boys had when they teased her and asked her out.  She knew the thoughts that accompanied the crude looks she got from men as she passed them on the streets.  She lifted her down comforter and settled into the silky cool sheets of her homemade feather bed. How odd that she felt comfortable enough to undress and slide into bed knowing he was out there in the dark, and she knew he was still out there because she could feel him. 

  Shadow watched Lydia settle down for bed and it made his mouth go dry.  Why did this woman have such an effect on him?  Why did she not cower in fear at the thought of him or any man for that matter watching her from outside of her window?  And why most of all did she evoke feelings in him he hadn’t even experienced while in the service of Hades?  Her long lean legs twitched at the sensation of a cold sheet and her nipples hardened as she smiled softly in the dark.  He watched the comfort wash over her accompanied by slumber. 

 Her dreams were peaceful and relaxed. Lydia often felt as if her dreams were a magical place that allowed her to communicate with her inner self.  She sorted out any problems she may have and allowed her to prepare herself for what she sensed may come the next day.  She had sensed her grandmother come to her in her dreams the night she had passed away and had always felt comforted that she was able to say goodbye in a way that expressed just how special their relationship had been.  She had even a time or two felt as though she had been in the presence of her mother and knew how proud her mother was that she had grown into a beautiful young woman.  But tonight there was another presence in her dream; he was dark and moved like a shadow.  Shadow, his name was Shadow.  Lydia recognized the feeling of his presence as being the same one from the street and from the window.  He appeared in her dream as a roaming creature bent on destruction and revenge that was lost in his own agony.  Who was this Shadow and why was he watching her?  And even more puzzling to her was the need she felt to keep him close, a need that soon would begin to pulse with pleasure.

 Now that Shadow knew Lydia was asleep, he felt free to take a good look around the outside of the house and make sure there was nothing around that would endanger his plan to take a closer look at her.  He began to slowly scan the possible entry points of the house when out of the corner of his eye, Shadow spotted movement on the ground below.  A Diamon was trying to break into a basement door with no luck.  Shadow watched curiously, his rage ignited the second it had registered what was happening, but to his amazement he realized the Diamon was growling and jumping back each time he reached for the door.   Something was at work here and he was shocked to see the doorknob was aglow and the Diamon was obviously getting shocked and burned every time he came into contact with it.  Shadow lept down to the earth below and let out a load belly laugh.  “What are you laughing at?” the diamon hissed at Shadow as he turned and lunged for him.  “Boy, I am laughing at you.  Vampires normally laugh at their victims before they kill them.”  The Diamon paused for an instant as Shadows words washed over him.  “Since when do we have rogue Vampires in Memphis?” the diamon hissed.  “Ooooh a brave one, most diamons turn and run when I say I am about to kill them.”  Shadow darted straight for the diamon and synched him up by the back of the neck.  “Who sicked you on this woman?”  Shadow snorted as the diamon swung and struggled under his grasp.  “None ya!” he howled as Shadow tightened his grip and used his free hand to expose the diamons neck.  The diamon turned vapor as Shadow sank his teeth into neck of the creature and Shadow inhaled deeply.  Shadow dusted of his hands and shook his head at how stupid the diamons were.  They were pathetic creatures used to carry out the dirty deeds of the Gods.  None of them was very bright and at least Shadow could rest easy that none of them was able to enter Lydia’s house for now at least.   Shadow walked closer to the door to inspect the knob closer.  It was glowing red before but now it was the usual color and nothing about it seemed all that magical.  She has to be protected by some sort of spell, he thought as he inspected the hinges of the door.  The Gods are at work here Shadow thought to himself as turned his back to the door and scanned the property for any other movement when realized he was being watched.  .

 “Shadow?” a woman’s soft voice floated through the air and filled his senses full of bewilderment.  “How do you know my name?” Shadow asked as he turned to stare at Lydia standing in the doorway wearing a silk robe so sheer he could see her silhouette through it.  Suddenly she caught a chill and stepped back into the warmth of her kitchen.   Her eyes were sparkling at him and he noticed that she had freckles that speckled her nose in the most fetching way.  “It isn’t safe for you out here ma’am,” he stammered in a hushed tone.  “You need to stay inside at night and keep that door of yours locked.” Shadow stepped back out of the light spilling out of the kitchen behind her. 

 “But you are here to protect me and I don’t sense any immediate danger.” Lydia smiled back at him with a look that showed she had no fear of him.  “Why are you not afraid of me, I am a stranger to you?” he asked.  The question sounded foreign to him as it left his lips.  “I know you have been watching me since I walked home tonight, I saw you outside of my window in the living room and I sensed you outside of my bedroom window.  Something tells me you don’t want to hurt me, but you are for some reason watching over me to protect me.”  Shadow swallowed hard and stepped into the closest shadow.  He didn’t want to change her feeling for him.  He didn’t want her afraid of him, which was strange even to him.  Normally, he didn’t care what people thought of him and he reveled in their fear of him because it gave him the upper hand.  Why did he care about her feeling toward him?  “Shadow,” Lydia purred as she stepped back out into the night air  “my feelings for you will not change.  I promise you that.  I have a sense about you and fear isn’t it.”  Her words touched him at the exact same time her scent reached him.  Mmmm, she smelled good.  His senses scattered and he struggled to regain control.  Suddenly, something slammed in to Shadow and knocked him off of his feet.  Another Diamon had been coming to attack Lydia and had run smack into the back of Shadow causing him to lose his balance.  “What the hell?” Shadow leapt back onto his feet and took a warriors stance.  With one swift kick to the back of his knees, the Diamon fell forward onto his hands and knees.  He started to crawl toward Lydia hissing and growling as Shadow took a few long strides and buried a dagger into the creatures back and he turned to dust.  Lydia stumbled backward through her kitchen door and slipped on the rug just inside.  Her bottom hit the ground with a thud and she stared at Shadow as he took another great stride toward her to help her up.  Reaching down with one hand to help her up he used his other to block the brightness of the light spilling out of the kitchen from his eyes.  “Thank You,” she stammered shyly as she held his hand firmly and lifted herself off of the floor, “let me help you now.” she beamed as she reached up with her free hand and turned the dimmer switch on the lights to low.  Before he could catch himself Shadow smiled at the feel of her soft hand holding on to his revealing to her his fangs.  “Ooooh, now I see why you think I should be afraid of you” she winked at him and he instantly curled his lips back down over his teeth.  “Now why would you try to hide them from me, I’ve already seen them.  Besides I told you, no I promised you that my feeling toward you would not change.  Now come on inside it is cold out there.”  She squeezed his hand slightly before releasing it.  Stepping through the threshold of the door Shadow just stared at her in disbelief at how kind she was being to him. 

Chapter 3

 “I’d better get going, now?” Shadow glanced at the floor and then around the kitchen nervously upon realizing she had invited him into her home before shifting his eyes back to her.    “Why?” she protested as she looked back over her shoulder at him.  She had instinctively walked over to the refrigerator and opened the door glancing from shelf to shelf looking for something that even sounded appetizing.  The light from the frig made her robe even more transparent and Shadow caught himself looking her up and down wondering if the rest of her was as soft as her hands.  There she stood just feet in front of him and definitely within reach.  If he wanted he could just take her now.  He was wrestling with whether he should make a move when he noticed she was standing on her toes.  He stared silently captivated at the sight before him.

 Lydia smiled to herself realizing what he was doing.  His eyes studying her from head to toe made her skin tingle and she knew exactly which part of her he was focusing on the most.  She had to admit, now that he was standing in her kitchen that he had a raw sexiness to him that made everything in her frig seem boring.  Maybe her craving was not for food.  Maybe his cravings were being transferred to her and she was starting to sense a hunger swelling up in her that could only be fed by this man before her.  She could definitely feel that his truest desire was not to leave.

 Lydia relied on her senses and she always trusted her instincts.  Never before had they gotten her into any situation she hadn’t truly enjoyed.  Somehow she knew this was a situation she was going to really enjoy.  She too could use her gift to manipulate, but only in a way that allowed her to give people what they wanted from her.  She knew not to move to quickly with this exquisite creature before her.  His face was chiseled like an ancient Greek warrior.  His hair was black and spiked up like a flat top that was a little long and out of control.  He had broad shoulders that made his height look intimidating.  His hands were large and comforting and for some reason she felt safe just knowing his gaze rested on her.  She sensed the loneliness in him and wanted to ease the same hunger she was feeling.  With the grace of a deer, she pivoted on one foot and headed straight for him.  “You can’t leave me now,” she whispered as she walked over to him and gave him a gentle nudge that ushered him into a chair by the breakfast bar.  He moved slowly and awkwardly like a child learning to walk for the first time.  “What are you doing?” he asked as he fought the urge to flee out the back door and back into the darkness.  “I am enjoying your company,” she whispered lower as she stepped so close to him that his reaction was to reach for her back without thinking “…a lot.” Her whisper faded into a scent that filled his head again as she brushed her lips against his and parted them with her tongue.  As she explored the warmth and taste of this man, she pushed her thigh between his and wrested the most private area of herself against him.  Again the fear he had felt as she looked back at him through her window earlier crippled his senses.  She was the most unbelievable woman he had ever seen and now he was actually tasting and smelling her.  He felt her hot moisture on his leg and shifted himself in the chair so he could get a better grip on her.  That scent, what was that?  It was like wild lilacs mixed with the first morning dew.  Her hair brushed against his face and sent chills up his spine.  Lydia slowly blinked her eyes open and pulled back from the kiss.  Passion flowed through them like electricity.  Enchanted by the moment Shadow swallowed hard as he loosened her robe and slowly but purposely slid it off of her shoulders.  The dim lighting reflected across the fabric and as each inch of her skin was revealed to him he began to sweat.  She knew he was moving slowly to offer her an escape if at the last minute she wanted one.  How sweet of him to feel compassion for her.  She sensed he would stop on a dime to please her but that wasn’t the pleasure she was looking for.  She dipped her chin and kissed him on the forehead.  Her hands running down his chest making him feel even weaker.  “I love your hands on me,” she purred as he ran his hands down her sides to rest on her hips.  “Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked in a husky tone that mad her even wetter.  “More than you could possibly know, are you sure you want me?” she asked as she stepped back out of his reach and let her robe fall to the floor.  Shocked by her question and her boldness, he stood up and ran his hands through his hair.  She was a sight.  “I know you do.  Everything about you is telling me that you do.  Let’s go somewhere I know you’ll be more comfortable.”  Lydia knew his senses were on high alert.  He glanced nervously from her to the windows and doors and back to her as he was afraid to enjoy himself.  He took inventory of every exit or entrance to the room.   She wasn’t quite ready to give him a tour of the entire house just yet, but knew he would be able to concentrate on her once they were in a room with limited access from the outside.  Shadow followed about ten feet behind her as she turned and headed out of the kitchen and toward the living room he had seen her dancing in earlier.  She didn’t hesitate even though the room was void of light with exception to what streetlight spilled in through the sheers.    One of his abilities as a vampire was night vision and he was startled by the violet aura her soul gave off as she seductively moved toward the stairwell and began her assent to the top.  This woman reeked of magic.  She definitely had some sort of powers but they almost appeared to be undeveloped.  Only a really powerful magic glows so bright and with such radiance.  It is no wonder he was drawn to her.  It had bee hundreds of years since he had any true desire to bed a woman.  She was soft and gentle and held such a sexual power within her that it made him have difficulty maneuvering the stairs in leather pants.  Once he reached the top of the stairs, he watched her methodically run her fingers along the chair rail down the hall.  She appeared to be waiting for something.  Her hand ran across each door she passed and back to the chair rail until she reached the third door on the right.  The doorknob held a faint glow just before her hand reached to open it.  She was allowing her senses and desires to control her.  When he stepped in the room behind her, he knew it was the perfect place for him to relax.  The walls were all done in a mahogany wood and the ornate carvings on the fireplace displayed a distinct style that told much about the history of the house.  It must be ancient he thought to himself as Lydia produced a long match from a box on the mantle and slid it down the outside of the container that held it.  The sound of the match striking echoed off the ceiling as she bent over and exposed her luscious backside to him as she lit a fire.  She had lit more than one fire with her slow subtle movements.  Her shadow fell against the far wall and for a brief moment he recognized the reflection as Aphrodite herself.  Without thinking, Shadow walked over to willing her not to move from where she was standing.  He pressed his full front against her back and she relaxed against him and enjoyed the thought of what he was about to do next.  She knew his thoughts, his desires, even his intentions.  She reveled in knowing what was going to happen and then living it.  She basked in the glow of getting to experience everything twice. 

 “Turn and face me Lydia,” Shadow whispered his tone raw and deep.  She could almost hear his words roll out of his throat the instant before he spoke them.  Lydia did as he asked.  She tilted her head down and dripped her arms to her sides like a scolded child and turned slowly to face him.  He ran his hands through her hair and pulled it back to get a closer look at Lydia’s face.  The fire danced in her eyes and tonight they sparked bright like emeralds.  Her breathing was slow and hypnotic and he felt as if the beast in him was surrendering to her.

 Shadow slid his hands down to her shoulders for a brief instant and then on to her wrists before bringing them together above her head.  He held them tight with one hand and lifted her up just enough that she was forced to stand on her toes. 

 Shadow gave her a sly smile as he also gave her another command.  “Don’t move,” he said as he released her wrist and watched her hold the position perfectly.  She was in aw of this man.  He was stern, but gentle.  He was fierce, yet very controlled.

Lydia gasped out load as he knelt before her and took a nipple into his mouth, tugging at it gently as he suckled it.  Gently, he scraped his fangs across her breast and kissed a trail of heated kisses to the other nipple as the chills overtook her.  He paused briefly as he felt the rhythm of her heartbeat under his tongue.  His whiskers made her shudder with delight as his hands ran from the back of her ankles, over her calves, and up to the back of her thighs.  Her moisture had already begun to condition her inner thighs as she began having tremors. 

 “Please,” she whispered as he used his fingers to trace her sex.  “More…please,” she cried as he dipped to fingers inside of her.  Her muscles sucked his fingers with matching rhythm to his thrusts.  His mouth began to water as he looked up at Lydia.  His eyes drank in the sight of her breasts swaying as she struggled to continue to hold the position he had told her to.  He smiled and ran his tongue along her opening and tasted her sweet juices.  It made him feel drunk, as if he had been savoring a fine wine.  Her sex was plush and swollen with desire for him.  There was never a woman in his dungeon that was wet with anticipation for him.  He had overheard rumblings amongst the other slaves who serviced the Gods but had never experienced it himself.  But his job was to torture, not to delight. 

 With one swift motion, Shadow ran his hands between her knees and up to her lower back.  Catching her knees in the crooks of his elbows, he slowly lifted her up until her sex rested just above his shaft.  “Do you still want me?” he asked hoarsely as he walked to the nearest wall and pinned her against it.  “Yes,” she breathed as he entered her with one deep and forceful thrust.  Lydia cried out as the pleasure washed over her.  Shadow reveled in the feeling of her cling to him as if she never wanted to let go instead of fleeing from him in terror.  He held a swift and steady pace until she shook fiercely with orgasm.  “That’s it kitten,” he whispered in her ear as he enjoyed watching her give herself over to him completely.  He stopped briefly to give her a rest and watch the emotions dance across her face.  The shadows from the fire danced all around them.  She was amazingly beautiful as bead of sweat dripped down her chest between her breasts.  “You know I’m just getting started don’t you?” he asked as he kissed her lips and enjoyed their softness.  

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