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Erotic Ramblings of a Self Professed Lap Kitten

   Jun 08

Emilee & Landri

 Chapter 1

 The air seemed calm as it swished the long, graceful leaves of the weeping willows back and forth lazily in the breeze.  The sound was gentle and un-alarming.  Moisture and the smell of rain permeated the night air.  It was unusual this time of year to have a night such as this. Emilee let herself relax as she walked along the sidewalk, occasionally reaching out and feeling the different textures of leaves and flower pedals.  The smell from each one she touched lingered on her fingertips as she reached out for the next one.   How enchanting the night air was.  It felt light as a feather on her skin.  She smiled to herself as she traced the vine of a honeysuckle bush running along the fence next to her.  Hummingbirds zipped to and fro, collecting their portions of nectar before the last rays of the sun slip behind the horizon.  The rapid hum of their wings tickled her ears causing a soft sigh to escape her lips. She leaned forward to duck under a low lying tree limb and unexpectedly focused on a set of eyes watching her from the shadows.

From a glance, one would expect the eyes to be from a dog as they were too low to the ground to be human, but their glare revealed something far to unusual to simply be canine.  They were unwavering and focused directly on Emilee.    She could see the silhouette of what appeared to be a large dog, but its stance and build made her think of a wolf instantly.  Most wolves Emilee had encountered were skittish and rarely wanted anything to do with humans, but this one just stood its ground and didn’t flinch a muscle.  It just stood there staring.  What was only a few seconds seemed like an eternity, their eyes locked on one another, Emilee noticed that the animal had a slight tremble and its breathing seemed labored.  With its eyes still locked on Emilee, it dropped its head a bit, but still never took its focus off of her.  She took one silent step forward while holding her breath and was stunned to see the animal collapse.  Emilee still knew the dangers of wild animals but this one seemed to be silently beckoning her.  She cautiously made her way over to where the animal now lay still under the cover of the trees.  As she suspected, it did appear to be a wolf and a very large one at that.  She reached out to the animal to inspect it closer, and as her hand made contact with its fur, she felt a slight sizzling sensation and heard the creak and pop of the branches in the tree above her giving weigh to something.  Looking above her, she could see movement in the trees and knew something was rapidly approaching her and the wolf.

A sudden fear enveloped her, as she was certain she could hear the ancient chanting of Tartaran elves coming.  Tartaran elves rarely left the boundaries of the underworld, but Hades was known to use these ancient souls of the dead to do his tracking because they were able to travel through trees at speeds that no other creature could outrun or even hide from.  The chanting was getting loader and Emilee knew she had to get this creature to safety or it would most certainly be tortured until either it gave up its secrets or worse, was escorted after death back to the underworld from which the nasty little creatures came.

Undaunted by the threat of what this animal could do once inside of her home, Emilee struggled to pick the animal up and make her way as fast as possible back to her property.  The chanting was coming closer and seemed to be chasing her in the trees as she calmly made her way back down the street careful to stay in the shadows.  The Tartaran elves could smell her unconscious companion she was certain, but hopefully his scent had masked her own long enough that she could remain anonymous to the elves.  The wind was picking up as if it were sending her a sign to hurry.  She had barely made it across the boundary of her lawn when she could hear a host of eerie whistling voices screeching to one another that they had lost their prey.

“Searching, searching, track and taste…..find me that wolf and make no haste. “  As the last few words were uttered, the trees under which Emilee had retrieved the wolf began to shake violently as if they were being ripped apart from the inside out.  Limbs snapped and began falling to the ground as something was frantically jumping from limb to limb, and then silence, as a large thud hit the ground under the trees.  “Dart of slumber take your bite, keep this creature still tonight…toss and turn and trouble make, so your secrets we can take.” The hiss trailed of as leaves began to violently lift off of the ground and float through the wind.   They were searching the underbrush of the trees, and Emilee knew they would soon pick up her scent. Wolves can’t just disappear into thin air, and tartaran elves senses are dulled slightly because of their passing into the underworld, but they are still keen hunters.  They realize the scent of the wolf stops where Emilee picked him up.  They will stick close to the site until they can determine how the wolf made his escape from them.  As she made her way through her back door, she could hear the elves calling out the various plants and petals she had touched along her path, and knew they were trying to pick up her scent.

He was an absolutely beautiful specimen.  He had thick black coat that shined like silk by the light of the fire with a gray undercoat.  He was solid muscle and didn’t have any appearance of any wounds, aside from a small dart in his right shoulder that bared the insignia of the tartaran elves.  Not sure if it was a poison meant to wound, kill, or just render the animal defenseless, Emilee prepared a soft bed near the fire place for him and various supplies she may or may not need to help him get through the night, as comfortably as possible.  As his breathing stabilized, she found herself unable to keep her hands out of his thick fur.  So soft and luxurious, it seemed to sooth her concerns for the animal, and before she realized it, she had drifted into a slumber so deep she didn’t know where her fingertips ended and his fur began.   With their breathing and their heartbeats in unison she exhaled the last deep breath of consciousness and gave herself over to rest.

Chapter 2

 Landri awoke in the still hours of the early morning before the sun was able to break the darkness of the night.  He lay still and found himself enjoying the warmth of the fire while trying to shake the effects of the sedative prepared for him by the tartaran elves.  His shoulder ached with the acknowledgment that they had managed to shoot him with their dart.  After realizing that he was too stiff and groggy to attempt an escape, he slowly set up, only to realize the tribal markings of his people were showing dark through the fur of his front two legs.  It can’t be, he thought, as he tried to shake off the sensation that someone was calling his name.  He held his head to the side and let his instincts take over.  He knew too well the stories told to him by his mother as they made the best of their cell in the underground.  His forefathers annihilated by Hades and the women and children brought to the underworld to be used as slaves.  His father and uncles and every male in their band of wolves was slaughtered after their pack leader refused to succumb to the requests of the ruler of the underworld.  Freedom was taken from them as punishment but that didn’t stop the stories of the past or the desire for freedom that ran through his veins.  His mother recounted to him many times of how wonderful it would feel one day when he could actually feel the sun, rain and wind on his face. She told him of his father’s markings, glowing with lust when they found one another, and explained that one day when in the presence of his soul mate, his markings would turn dark and glow just as his fathers had when they met.

Tears filled his eyes as he remembered the moment she died in his arms in the darkness of the pit.   It was that moment he vowed to search for a way out of the underground.  Her death had sparked a rage in him that couldn’t be quenched with reason, just the fierce determination to be free.

It was that rage that consumed his thoughts as he tried to shake that lulling whisper that kept calling his name.  Every time it echoed through him, his markings began to burn until the shallow steady sound of someone breathing behind him caught his attention.

Instantly he was prepared for a battle.  Weak he might be, but he didn’t intend to go down without a fight.  Not knowing if his captors were aware he was awake, he slowly turned to find a single woman sleeping on a sofa behind him.  At first Landri was amused at how stupid the elves were leaving him guarded by a single woman, but as he silently approached her ,he could see no markings on her that were characteristic of tartaran elves.  She had no slave markings at all.  Her scent filled his head with lust as he was suddenly painfully aware of his own markings burning to be quenched by his mate.  “Not possible!” he thought to himself.  “This is a trick.”  Landri knew all to well the lengths Hades was willing to go to get what he wanted.  This has to be a reaction to the dart from those damn elves.

She appeared to be human.  He crept closer for a better look.  Her skin was smooth and tan.  Her long dark auburn hair spilled over edge of the sofa and cascaded down close to his front paws.  Her breathing was slow and steady and somehow just listening to it calmed the beast deep inside of him.  His original intent was to kill her and move on but now as he stood staring into the sleeping face of Emilee, he realized all of the pieces didn’t add up.  Those elves would never have left me with a mere human woman.  He sat still staring at her while trying to piece together the events that had brought him here.  He knew he had paced the lower levels of Tartarus looking for an escape for days on end before finally darting through an open gate and catching the attention of the elves.  They had chased him across the countryside and through the woods until he had reached the last grove of trees before having to enter the human town.  That was all.  He strained to remember anything after that but all that would come to him was waking up here with this woman.

“Well good morning,” a sleepy voice jolted Landri back into reality.  He bristled with all of his teeth showing and a low growl escaping from his throat as he recoiled back into the shadows of the room.  “Come on now,” Emilee purred “I’m not your enemy or I would have just let those elves take you last night.”  He silently watched from across the room as she slowly stood up and stretched.  Her lean frame clearly visible to him as the light spilled into the room from the doorway behind her.  In only a t-shirt and panties, it was clear she was athletically inclined.  “Are you hungry?” she whispered as she made her way around the sofa and headed toward the door.  “I understand that it is your nature to be shy but you had better eat something and drink all the water you can to get the poison that dart was dipped in out of your system.”  And with that she simply left him sitting in the room all alone, unguarded and very confused.

 Chapter 3

 For a few minutes, Landri sat replaying what just happened in his head.  Smells he had never experienced before started seeping into the room making his mouth water uncontrollably.  It almost had a bewitching affect on him.

He cautiously made his way out of the room and into a small hallway flanked to his right by a flight of stairs leading down to the woman and that intoxicating smell.  He peered down the stairs to see a room filled with large floor to ceiling windows draped with fabrics that were pulled together so some light could filter in without exposing the houses’ contents to the outside world.  He could hear her footsteps light and carefree moving about the kitchen as she hummed and cooked.  The sound coming from her throat was very subtle and reminded him of the hymn his mother would hum while he drifted off to sleep in the caves late at night.  It didn’t have the same eerie echo it did then but it was definitely the same melody.  He hugged the wall and rail closely as he ventured on down and into the kitchen.  He sat in the doorway, watching her glide this way and that adding a pinch of pepper and a dash of salt to the pot on the stove when a dishtowel slipped off of the counter and fluttered to the floor.  Emilee froze where she stood and looked down at the towel lying at her feet.  “It would appear we are going to have company soon my new friend?” she said in a tone that made Landri expect a knock at the door any minute.  She didn’t seem alarmed by this realization but Landri could sense a feeling of nervousness start to creep up in her.  There was no communicating with her or asking questions at this point, he still wasn’t sure what to make of his new situation, but one thing was for sure.  She knew about Tartaran Elves even if she wasn’t one of them, and that fact alone concerned him.  It was better off for now that she just think he was just a wolf.

“Here you go,” she said softly as she quietly stepped up to him and sat a bowl of Gumbo on the ground in front of him. “Most wouldn’t give you this, but in my house animals are not treated any differently than family.”  She unexpectedly reached out and scratched behind his ears.  Landri flinched but found him self enjoying the sensation.  Again his front legs began to burn for his mate.  “Those are some beautiful markings she said,” as she stood up and turned back to her stove.  “I don’t’ believe I have ever seen a wolf with markings such as those.”

“That is because markings such as those have not been seen in the Bayou for many centuries my child.”  A small Dryad elf stepped out of a small kitchen cupboard behind Emilee.  She stood about three and a half foot tall with a little thicker build that had to be due to her age.  Ancient she was with skin that looked like tanned parchment and her long gray hair twisted into a loose bun resting atop of her head.  Her dress was the color of dried leaves and she smelled of wild hydrangea.  Her eyes were gentle like a mother’s but quickly flickered with concern once she focused on the wolf sitting cautiously in the doorway of Emilee’s kitchen.  Landri couldn’t believe his eyes, he stood up and stepped back just in case there were any other surprises waiting to escape from the cabinetry in this kitchen.  “Don’t worry,” Emilee said soothingly, this is my Cecile.  She has been with me as long as I can remember.  She would never bring harm to another creature that was from the backwoods.”

Cecile stepped up to Emilee lovingly patting her leg and hobbled over to Landri.  “He is a fine specimen, but where did he come from?  I’ve seen these marking before as a young elf.  He is as rare in these parts as they come, how did he make his way into your kitchen?” she asked as she turned to look back up at Emilee.  “I found him while I was on a walk last night.” She said as she bent down to run her hands through Landri’s fur.  As soon as Emilee’s hand made contact with Landri, the marking glowed darker instantly and all of the color drained out of Cecile’s face.

“Was he alone Emilee?” she gasped in an almost scornful tone as she fixed her steel gray eyes on the wolf that Emilee had be-friend the night before.

“I must go now child,” Cecile mumbled before giving Emilee a chance to answer.  The elderly elf returned to the door from which she had come much faster than she had sprung from it.  “Be careful of this one, harmless he seems, but he holds some powerful gris-gris.”

“I thought it would be nice for us all to eat and go for a Butterfly walk.”  Emilee suggested sweetly as she trailed behind Cecile as if she longed for her company.  “I’ll be back dear,” she smiled sweetly as she turned to squeeze Emilee’s hand.  She looked Landri up and down one last time before disappearing into the cabinet.  She was still talking as the door closed behind her.  “Don’t go out today child, there is a storm blowing in and I think you’re company would be better kept out of site for now anyway.”


 The backwoods marshes, hallows and bayou’s have a sight and sound all their own.  It is like no other place on earth.  The cricket and frogs harmonize to the sound of the water splashing against the shoreline.  The dragonflies float by as they skip from one leaf to the next as they ride the current of the bayou.  For as much beauty as there is here, there is also danger and much suspicion with very good reason.

 Cecile found herself on her favorite branch watching a nest of baby crocodile’s hatch below her.  Ringing her hands, the old elf sat thinking back to the night she embraced Emilee.  She had seen the child’s mother frantically running in the marsh and milling around the bottom of her tree.  Most in this area knew not to mess with the largest oak trees in the swamp.  At that time, each of them was still alive and guarded by their own Dryads. Cecile had intended to smite the woman for invading her beloved oak; but as she stepped onto a higher branch to get a better look, Cecile realized the woman was frantically and yet carefully placing a small child in the hollow of her tree and covering her with leaves.  She was crying herself but still trying to comfort the child.  The raw emotion displayed on the face of the woman was fear mixed with love.  It touched Cecile’s heart and she found herself unable to scold the young mother.  With that realization, Cecile saw the henchmen of Hades’ army tracking the young woman through the brush.  “Go my dear and I’ll care for the child,” she whispered as she watched the woman focus on the beasts headed her way.  She took one last look at the child and burst into a hard run away from the tree.  She crossed the path of her enemy purposely to lead them away from the precious cargo she had deposited into Cecil’s sanctuary.  She died there in the backwoods within sight of the tree.  Cecile hung her head in sorrow for the mother’s sacrifice and a tear fell from her eye and splashed on Emilee.  When that tear splashed gently below onto the child a bond was born that couldn’t be broken.  There was something sinister in the air that night so long ago, but the secrets that night held were never revealed to her until now.

Needing a proper home for a growing little girl, Cecile used the ancient magic of her people to call upon the souls of the ancient oak Dryads who were lost to the hurricanes winds to conjure their petrified trees into an enchanted house to shelter and protect Emilee for the duration of her lifetime.  This was going to upset the balance for Cecile but she couldn’t leave a child in this Bayou all alone.  For as long as she could remember, Acadian Elves settled into a life of isolation and contentment.  Her ancestors were “true Cajuns” and most would like to believe that they are lazy and simple.  But this isn’t the case; they are purposely-private creatures because they do not care to assimilate their culture.  They would consider it a sacrifice to be tainted by the outside world.  Their traditions are as meaningful to them as their magic and see it as a way of preserving their heritage.

This preservation lies foremost in the hands of their female elves and the roles mothers play in childrearing and in the preserving of family customs and traditions.  Their children are raised up to appreciate and respect their elders.  All of them were well versed in the ancient Elvin language of the Creoles, as well as, other closely related Elvin clans to broaden their magical abilities.

Having seen Civil Wars and eventually even urbanization of her beloved backwoods bayou Cecile had clung to her ancient practices but realized that a child growing and learning as a human would need some of the benefits of the modern society.  That is why she chose the property in the futurist parish from the city at the end of the last cove where the largest shade trees grow.  It was a piece of property that seemed to rest where wilderness meets civilization.  In this place, Emilee could grow and experience both sides of her upbringing: her human side and her adoptive Elvin side.

The majority of the Cajun country population of elves remained alienated from these new surroundings.  But Emilee was thriving and “Cecile” as her adoptive mother was quick to recognize the importance of Emilee’s acceptance into this society, as she was very different from those who loved her so much.  She remained very close to the child she watched grow into a woman. Cecile also raised her to keep some necessary secrets and be wise about which individuals she trusts.  They both believed it to be a large part of why it was so hard for Emilee to relax when she left the boundaries of her own property.  She wasn’t necessarily afraid but somehow seemed to know she was the safest when she was close to home.  Emilee loved the solitude of her place.  Out the front door was the entrance to a town with some interesting characters and fun places to go and see.  But out her back door she could explore and wander in a wilderness with its sounds and creatures so alluring she spent most of her time there under the trees dancing and playing with the fairies written off my most as fire flies.

Now her little Emilee was maturing into a beautiful young woman, a woman who had a secret even from her self.  A whistling wind began to howl across the bayou sending a chill up Cecil’s spine. That cold howling wind caused her to shift her attention to the mist that was beginning to roll across the bayou.  The ancient stories she was told as a child replayed in her mind.  She vividly recalled her mother telling her to beware of the old king of the swamps known as the Rougarou.  He was known to creep along the slippery waters edge and mingle among the knottyCyprusknees waiting for his next victim.

 It is easy for a dryad elf to believe that the Rougarou could easily inhabit this area.  The swamps, eerie and haunting, indeed form the heart of this country—anyone driving west from New Orleans crosses the vast Atchafalaya Basin”s 18-mile causeway would never know about the French gypsies that lived and wandered there known as the Manouche. They have told stories of the Rougarou for centuries.  They told of the noises common to the swamps ceasing in the creature’s presence.  The comforting chirping of crickets and katydids, the familiar little “ker-plunk” from the frogs catching their evening meal, not even the sound of a fish jumping could be heard.  Silence is never loader than when a predator is present.

The only other time of silence in the swamp is when a storm is about to make land.  And Celine can remember each and every storm that blew through.  The winds of the hurricanes had ripped many of her kinfolk out of their trees.  And it is common knowledge that to separate a dryad from their tree for longer than a day dooms the elf to die.  The elf will wither and weaken and the tree will harden and become petrified.  She has spent many a morning after a storm jumping from tree to tree in search of her kind only to find cobwebs forming in their absence.  These sad and angry elves had been absorbed by the underworld after their souls couldn’t return to their trees and are now known only as the ghosts of the Tartaran Elves.  With Hades using their magical powers to his benefit his own purpose.

Sadness filled the old elf’s eyes as once again a tear fell from her cheek splashing onto the ground below.  Tears from elves are not taken lightly; the magic in their blood is very protective and will summon those of old if they sense a broken heart.

An old owl glided from the darkest shadows of the swamp and landed on the limb just above her.  A beam of light broke through the storm clouds and shined down on the old owl making it painful for Cecile to look directly at it.  She took a sharp deep breath as she heard the voice of her mother call her name.  “Cecile, child – we felt your splash on de ground.  It called to me so full of sadness and fear.  You raised the girl, your heart tied up in her awakening.  She has grasped love and developed her senses of our magic.  She holds powerful gris-gris too.  She is stronger than him who howled from birth.  She need you now more than ever and you her.  Our traditions go forward with this child of yours.  She may have blood of Rougarou but her mother was a Halfling so she also has the soul of an elf.”

Cecile blinked back tears in disbelief.  “Yes child, her mother held the spirit of an elf within her.  Why you tank her mother brought the infant to the oak tree.  And the largest oak tree, you were touched by her elfin spirit memorizing her child’s face while beseeching her bloodlines to the oak.  You can’t loose Emilee – for she is bound to your tree just as you are.  We all are.  Our ancestry is held in palm of her hand and heart.  The wolf in her grows restless as her awakening is near.  When the blue flowers on the wolf bane bloom she will come of age and the Rougarou will be reborn in Cajun country.”

Cecile saw the owl lift from its perch near her head and glide back into the swamp from which it came.  Relief washed over her weary body and soothing effects her mother’s voice always had on her refreshed her outlook on the situation.  Some would cling to the experience and try to keep it from escaping back into the backwoods, but the loneliness was gone as Cecile knew full well her people would always find a way to remind her that she is never alone.  Her mother did remind her of her own duties to prepare Emilee for what lay ahead.  She wasn’t allowed to tell her, she just had to help her accept her own realizations.  It is a part of adolescence that can’t just be delivered like a bedtime story.

The awakening is the period of time when werewolves rapidly change biologically, psychologically, socially and cognitively.  Both the male and female body will take on a different shape, and each will develop stronger sexual characteristics.  The process leads to Physical Shifting. Adolescence for werewolves is much the same as it is for humans.  It is a transitional period between childhood and adulthood. These changes during adolescence do not occur on a strict timeline, but follow a unique, individual path.  New thoughts and feelings occur as the body changes at a rapid pace. Sometimes these physical and emotional changes don’t happen at the same time.  Risk-taking behavior, mood swings, sexual activity and rebelliousness are all traits that can accompany this difficult time.  The best thing Cecile could do for her Emilee was to embrace the girl’s new found friend.  For soon the young woman may need a trusted companion to guard her from things Cecile had no knowledge of.


 The weather from the ocean rolled in without much other than Cecile’s foreboding of bad weather.  The wind picked up this morning with an eerie howl that made Landri feel closer to his past than even he could have realized.  He had sensed a shift in Emilee’s emotions today.  She cooked and cleaned for most of the morning until her cheeks flushed with color and beads of sweat began to trickle down the back of her neck.   She felt trapped for some reason.  She had experienced mild bouts of agoraphobia but never Closter phobia.  The day just seemed to be too much for her.  Hoping that a warm soak in a bath would fend off this ill feeling, she slowly made her way up the stairs and into her bathroom.  She turned on the water and let it run while she lit a few candles and turned the lights off.  The bathroom curtains that had been drawn shut were opened so she could watch the storm clouds that kept her inside today.  Occasionally, lightening would light up the room just before the clap of thunder would announce to everyone within range that the storm was getting closer.  Emilee undressed slowly and stepped into the tub, sinking below the fluff of bubbles.  Her skin glistened in the candle light and Landri found himself lying on the rug in front of the tub listening to the sound of her breathing getting shallow as she gave in to the comfort of the warm water and the soothing calm of the rain tapping on the windows.  Relaxation seemed to fill the room with the scent of her candles and her bubble bath.  His breathing seemed to slow to match hers but just as he was in a state ready to give in to rest, he heard the sound of footsteps in the kitchen below.  Standing silently, Landri looked at Emilee enjoying the feeling of her liquid cocoon.  Her eyes were shut and a slight smile turned up the corners of her mouth.  The stress that had been displayed on her face had melted away and her heartbeat was slow and steady.  Looking one last time over his shoulder at her, he left the bathroom and headed for the stairs.  When he reached the last step, he cautiously looked around the room.  Nothing appeared to be disturbed so he rounded the banister and approached the kitchen with the same caution.

“You’re protective nature is easing my old mind young man.” Cecile’s voices trailed off as the hair on Landri’s back stood straight up.  “I didn’t mean to alarm you but I saw she was soaking and new this may be my only chance to speak to you one on one without her knowledge of our conversation.”

Landri walked a circle around the ancient elf that now smelled of the backwoods so strongly that he could shut his eyes and envision himself there.  “I know you are a shape shifter and I know my Emilee doesn’t!”  Landri’s jaw dropped as he unexpectedly shifted in front of Cecile.  Now towering at what appeared to be slightly over six feet, Cecile could see the markings that had covered his front two legs and paws before were now displayed as tattooed sleeves.

His black hair had a slight hint of graying at his temples enhanced his blazing blue eyes.  His cheekbones were chiseled and his jaw was strong.  A fetching mate he would be for her beloved Emilee.

His shifting into human form was unintentional and Cecile was relieved she could stimulate the transformation so easily.  “Don’t be concerned, I would never make a habit of over-stepping certain boundaries with my magic,” she rattled as she stepped around him now looking him up and down just as he had done with her.  “My Emilee is everything to me and I fear she will soon face…” Her voice trailed of quietly as she tried to choose her words carefully.

“Face what?” Landri almost barked out the words as his mind flooded with the fears that the old lass was about to tell him that the Tartaran elves would soon be after Emilee for harboring him.

“Nothing of the sort,” she interrupted, alerting him to her ability to hear the thoughts of others.  “She will be facing some difficult changes in the not so distant future.  I can’t tell you when, but you will be the first to know if you haven’t realized it already.”  Landri scanned every moment since he had first woken up in Emilee’s house but has seen nothing strange about her.  “What kind of changes?” he asked prompting her for more information.  “I can’t tell you because I really don’t know yet, but they will come very soon I fear.”  Her response was as frustrating for him as it obviously was for her.  “Have you ever had some knowledge that you knew would affect the person you love the most in the most dramatic way but you were bound to allow them to discover it on their own,” she asked as she waved her hand and uttered something under her breath causing him to shift back into wolf form.  She stood eye to eye with him now rubbing the underneath side of his muzzle.  Calm washed over Landri as he smelled the faint smell of something sweet in the air.  “Please watch over her for me kind sir.  I would never ask a stranger to do this for me if it were not absolutely necessary.  You and I alike will learn more as each day passes.” She winked at him and opened the cabinet door closest to them both.  Landri slowly shook off the moment as if it had been a dream and pushed her exit door open with his nose.  It was a normal cabinet and it was as he expected to be, empty.

The flashes of lightening filtering in through the curtains cast dancing shadows on all the walls in the main room as Landri made his way back up the stairs to where Emilee had been bathing.  The conversation with the old elf had not made a lot of sense to him but he could tell it was born out of concern for Emilee.  Some of the shadows that were being cast on the walls began to stir an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of Landri’s stomach.  They didn’t seem to match up to anything in the room.  Light shining through something typically produces a shadow that somewhat resembles the object that the light is passing through.  These shadows did not do that, they seemed to have life all their own.  Sadness and despair was carried around the room on the air like a lost memory of a life that was long gone from this place.  Landri squinted his eyes and focused on the shadows, it almost appeared to be the images of elves thrashing about wildly as if they were caught up in a swirling wind.

The sweet smell that washed the calm over him in the kitchen was now beginning to fill the upstairs landing as he realized Emilee had emerged from the bathroom and was positioning herself on a chair in front of a large dressing mirror in her bedroom.  With a damp towel wrapped tightly around her body she took a clip from the dressing table and held it between her teeth.   Following her puddle foot prints across the floor, Landri made his way across her room and positioned himself in the floor at the foot of her bed where he could watch her and still keep his eyes on the door.  She mindlessly continued to twist her hair up and off of her shoulders only to be fastened in place by the clip that had been between her teeth seconds earlier.  As she removed her hands from her hair, Landri caught sight of something that rocked him to the core.  There in her hairline at the base of her neck were some very faint markings.  Stunned he shifted his eyes back and forth between her markings and his own.  Then everything that Cecile had said to him made perfect sense.

 Ch 6

 Full of raw emotion over the revelations that his markings were indeed sensing his mate, Landri struggled within himself trying to decide how to reveal himself fully to Emilee.  He couldn’t just shape shift in front of her, it could result in any number of scenarios, that when played over in his mind could end with catastrophic results.  “Hell, she doesn’t even know what she is much less me try to explain what I am,” he thought to himself.  He felt a sense of pride every time he looked at her.  Athletic, beautiful and full of grace, Emilee was everything he had dreamed about when his mother told her stories, but to him she had always been a comforting figment of his imaginations.  But in his imagination there was never a moment that he had to introduce himself to her.  Then the seriousness of what was at hand came to him suddenly.  Others, wolves and humans alike would sense her presence as well.  A young female going through her awakening is very fertile and much desired.  In Tartarus, Landri had witnessed the wicked and their tortured victims.  He had seen the female population of his clan raped to death and sold for sexual sport.  Male wolves that were not mated to anyone would loose control and gang rape females during their awakening because of their lust alone.  A female wolf’s scent during her awakening is like waiving a red flag in front of a bull.  Any male within miles of her will know she is there.  And to add to the problem, she will develop her own sexual prowess and seek to fulfill her own cravings.  How could he successfully protect her?  How many others could already sense her?  The thunder clapped again like an alarm of ominous things to come.  Time felt as if it just sped up and was about to sink into a sleepless night of waiting for the protective cover of daylight to peek back up over the horizon.   “The nights will be the hardest,” he thought to himself as he new her desire to stir would begin peak a few hours before midnight.  He could solve the problem by just mating with her.  If two that are matched by fate to be together, their pairing would quench the scent of her awakening; but to accomplish that now he would have to force her, and that wasn’t going to happen.

For the first time without apprehension he stood and went to her side, pushed his muzzle under her arm, and rested his head on her lap.  Stunned by the sudden transformation, Emilee stopped what she was doing and began to stroke his fur back away from his face.  The sensation of her hands on him washed over his entire body.  “I almost feel we are kindred spirits sometimes,” she whispered out load.  “I’ve never felt as comfortable with anyone or anything as I do you…well, except for Cecile.”  She paused as she looked around the room, “We need a little exercise don’t you think?”   She stood up and headed into her closet.  “I know it is rainy today, but it is just sprinkling now so we could go for a short walk and you can take care of any business you might have.”  Landri hadn’t even thought of how much it might sting for her to treat him like a common house pet, but she didn’t have a clue to his ability to shift into human form and take care of business just like she did in a civilized manner.  Her comment about being kindred spirits left him trying desperately to shake off the temptation to morph into a man in front of her.  She reappeared as fast as she had went into the closet dressed in a pair of denim cut off shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers.  Her hair was down now and she had a flush of color to her cheeks.  He had seen her temperature shift a couple of times today and had wondered if it was all part of her change.  She was quick to move and made her way down the stairs, through the kitchen and on to her back porch before he could even register in his mind that she was ready to go.

“Maybe we should just hang out in the woods today,” she said excitedly as she pushed a few tree limbs aside and stepped into an open field leading back to the backwoods.  Her voice trailed off as the hair on her arms stood on end. In the distance along the tree line across the field lingered a strange fog.  As lights begin to appear from inside of it, Emilee stumbled backward drenching herself and Landri with rain that had collected on the leaves on the trees.  She turned around to go in the opposite direction undaunted.  “Beware de fires of de Feufollet for nothing good ever comes of it,” she mumbled so low Landri barely heard her say it.  He thanked Cecile in his head for instilling in his future bride with all of the education and knowledge of an elf.  She was being a little rebellious by leaving after the old elf’s warning but he hoped a little exercise would drain a bit of her energy.  If she was completely rested during the day, her need to roam in the night air would be undeniable.  As he gave one last glimpse around the back yard he could see several sets of glowing eyes in the brush and knew others were already starting to pick up on her location.

Turning quickly to catch up to her, he realized she had stepped up her pace to a slow run.  She was half way down the street when she stopped in front of the same tree she had found Landri under the night before.  He stopped at her feet and looked up under the tree with a vague recollection he had been there before.  She looked down at him with a smile and bolted at full speed down the street.  He was almost in a panic that they were so far from the house when they passed a vacant lot at the edge of the parish.  A low growl and a set of yellow eyes set low in the grass had stopped her dead in her tracks.  She had a look of fear come across her face as the thick grass began to separate showing her that something was stalking through it headed straight toward her.  Landri could see that she was unconsciously preparing for a fight as he circled her feet as if begging her to run.  He would love to kill anything coming toward her but new that in a fit of rage it would be near impossible to keep from turning.

Emilee cut her eyes to look at her new friend who was instinctively trying to lead her back home.  She felt a wave wash over her and she almost felt drunk.  Her arms and legs felt heavy and started having spasms as she decided Landri was right.  Without a sound, she pivoted and started for home.  She knew something was chasing her but she never turned to look back.  Her body felt strange and soon she was no longer having to look down to see the wolf because he was running eye level right next to her.  The colors of the leaves and the sky seemed so vivid and bright.  The smells were overwhelmingly strong and her head was beginning to thump.  She could hear the sound of footsteps next to her and was sure she was about to be caught when something scooped her up off of the ground, ran into her yard, up her porch steps and slammed the door behind them.

In her head Emilee was screaming out “what is happening to me?”  But the only sound that would escape from her through was a frightened howl.

 Ch 7

 Electricity ran through both Landri and Emilee as they now stood facing one another in her kitchen.  Before him was the most beautiful wolf he had ever seen.  She had blazing autumn fur like the leaves in the fall.  Her eyes sparkled with fear at the moment, but the color in them was so rich and full they appeared to be human even when she was in wolf form.  Her paws looked like black socks and her tail was colored the same.  Her ears were darker also and he had the most intricate band of markings around the back of her neck.  It was obvious they were made for one another.  The look on her face said it all and it just about broke his heart.  She was completely unaware of her awakening.  Landri bent down to look her in the face while reaching out to comfort her but she recoiled like he was a mere stranger snapping at him wildly in fear.  For all she knew it was he that had chased her down and now held her captive in her own home.  Before he could speak she darted out of the kitchen like lightening and disappeared up the stairs.  He didn’t follow her, instead choosing to lounge down stairs and wait for her to realize he wasn’t her enemy.

Emilee laid in the dark under her own bed for what seemed like an eternity.  Her head was spinning and she struggled to come to grips with what had just happened to her.  She got very still and listened  to the silence like Cecile had taught her to when she found herself full of fear.  Calm started to wash over her and she realized that she couldn’t deal with anything if she didn’t understand it.  And in order to understand it she was going to have to face it.  Slowly and unsteadily she crawled out from under her bed, she felt hot and cold all at the same time and new she was panting because the sound of her own breathing was what she was focusing on.  She stepped up to the dressing mirror she had been setting at earlier.  She gasped as she focused on the image in front of her.  She was a wolf.  She turned her body slowly while looking at her reflection in the mirror.  She was really a wolf.  For a brief instance, she actually liked what she saw.  She wasn’t scraggly looking at had a beautiful coat of fur.  Very healthy if dared to think so herself.  Her markings were now very distinctive and she instantly recognized a resemblance to other markings she had seen recently.  Instantly she made the connection and stealthily turned to see what was happening down stairs.  Crouching low to the ground, she moved very slowly onto the landing.  Stopping at the top of the stairs she could see no movement in the main living area but could hear voices coming from her kitchen.  Careful of every step, she crept down the stairs intending to hear what was being said.

“Oh my poor, poor dear,” Cecile sobbed as she paced back and forth and back and forth kneading her hands. “She is so frightened.  I can’t bare the thought of her struggling with this.”

“I’m sure she will be fine.  All females of the Rougarou clan have gone through the awakening.” Landri tried his best to comfort the old elf.

“Yes, I know that dear.  But they had the opportunity to know what was coming.  My poor Emilee didn’t have a clue; she wasn’t warned of the danger that awaited her outside of her own home.  One day she was safe and the next…this!”  Landri sat with his head in his hands feeling helpless.  “Maybe I should go to her,” he said as a huge lump welled up in his throat.  “This is entirely my fault.  I could have transformed in front of her, but I was selfish and didn’t want to make the situation worse.”

“No…no, that isn’t true at all.  The fates did this.  Hades caused this with his blood thirsty goons always traipsing about.  You didn’t deserve any of this just like my poor Emilee didn’t deserve it.  She will understand, just give her time.”

Emily struggled to stand upon hearing she was Rougarou.  Thousands of questions raced through her mind.  Would she always be a wolf?  Was her life as she knew it over?  What was she going to do?  She stumbled into the kitchen and went straight to Cecile hiding her face in her care givers stomach.  Putting her arms around Emilee and holding her tight, the old elf spoke softly to the young female wolf.  “You will be fine child, in time you will learn to control your new powers.  You know you also now have something you’ve never had before don’t you.  Something that is very special and you need to embrace him and trust him.  Emilee looked up at the handsome man standing in her kitchen.  He had broad shoulders and the tattoos covering his arms were comforting to her for some reason.  He had protected her when she was being chased so much so that he had picked her up and carried her into her house.  His eyes looked at her gently one minute and full of lust the next.  “Go to him honey,” Cecile whispered gently nudging her toward him.  “I am always going to be here child, but for your own sake you need to really get to know him.”

Turning her back to them and walking into her cabinet were the hardest steps Cecile had ever taken.  Tears of joy and pain streamed down her face and she new in her heart that her Emilee would be okay.

“I could have handled this situation differently and we might have both had a better experience,” Landri ran his hands through his hair as he stared down at the ground in front of him.  Emilee still woozy from the transformation just stared at him timidly waiting for him to look up at her.  The tingling sensation all over her body gave her a heightened sense of awareness.  The sound of his heart beating was like an echo of her own.  “Once I realized we were fated to be mates, I didn’t know how to tell you.  If I shifted into a man in front of you then…” his voice trailed back off into silence and his heart beat quickened.  Recognizing that they had both been through the trauma of the days events, Emilee went to Landri and rested her muzzle on his knee and peered up into his eyes.  She wanted more answers and he instinctively knew it, but for now she needed some rest.  He leaned forward and slipped one arm around her chest and his other arm under her hind legs and lifted her off of the ground.  Nestling her close to his chest, Landri carried his new companion back to her room.  He laid her on the bed and stayed with her until he was positive she was asleep then patrolled the house and property for any unwelcome suitors.  He couldn’t find any sign of trespassers but did manage to spook Cecile out of her tree.  “This is private property!” She exclaimed as she jumped from a low lying tree limb as he walked the perimeter of the yard.  “My apologies indeed, I thought you were.”  “I know what you thought,” he interrupted her, “and I am glad you are watching.”

“I will be here until the sun goes down and then I’ll have an illumination spell cast to light up the property as bright as day should anyone step foot near the house so pull the curtains closed because I expect a bright night!”  The thought of a bright light catching a werewolf off guard made Landri laugh all the way back inside the house.  The old elf was obviously as creative and fierce as a wolf in her own way.

Back inside, he found Emilee still asleep just as he had left her except for one thing.  While sleeping she unconsciously returned to her former self.  Settling down on the bed next to her, Landri did his best to not disturb her.  He was looking forward to a nap himself so he could be more on guard once the night came.  Pulling a blanket up over the both of them, he felt almost complete in a derealizing sort of way.  “By the way, my name is Landri,” he whispered into her ear as he drifted off into slumber.

Ch 8

 Several hours later, Emilee woke to find Landri lying asleep next to her.  His arm was draped over her in a protective manner.  This was the first time Emilee had ever been comfortable with a man or even this close to one for that manner.  She had always shied away from the attention of men and preferred to just avoid the whole lot of them.  There were a few she considered to be somewhat friends but never on a personal level.  Landri was different though.  Just his presence seemed to banish the sense of loneliness that had recently began to swell inside of her.  One thing that she wholly recognized was her new found carnal side enjoying the way he looked and smelled.  She lay there dreamily staring at him.  His masculine jaw line, the soft arch to his eyebrows and even the fullness of his bottom lip captivated her.  “Landri,” she softly whispered out load.  Even the sound of his name was perfect.  Starting to feel a little frisky, she found herself enjoying the sensation of his body lying next to hers.  Closing her eyes and taking in several slow deep breaths, she breathed in his scent until she felt his pulse quicken.  Her eyes opened just in time to see his long black eyelashes flutter open and focus on her.  A seductive smile crawled across his face as if he knew what she had been thinking and making her blush with lust.  “I know what you want,” he growled as he rolled on top of her careful not to rest all of his weight on her.  “And just what is that?” she asked in an inviting tone.  “Your pheromones are begging me to ravish you,” he growled while beginning to nuzzle her neck.  “I don’t want to hurt you but deflowering you would stop the intrusions by your other suitors.”

“You do realize it would only take me whispering a few carefully chosen Elvin words and you would be rendered helpless by me,” she taunted.  “I’ve already been rendered helpless by you,” he responded before brushing his lips against hers.  The same sizzle she experienced the night she found him ran through her again but this time she knew just what it meant and she parted his lips with her own and deepened the kiss.  His head swirled as she drove him to the brink of loosing control.  Her mouth was so warm and alluring.  Her tongue played tag with his and when she would moan and it would send ripples of excitement through his whole body as if lulling him to take her to the next level.  He could feel her shiver with anticipation as he pushed the blanket aside to touch her bare skin.  His hands felt large and strong as he repositioned her on the bed.  “So are you going to be my big bad wolf?” she teased as she ran her hands up the back of Landri’s neck and through his hair.  “Do you want me to be?” he retaliated and suddenly Cecile’s spell lit up the entire property and a faint yelp was heard fleeing into the night.  “What was that?” Emilee jumped.  “Cecile caught an unwanted guest I suspect.” Landri chuckled out load.  “An illumination spell no doubt, she used that once on me when she caught me sneaking out after dark.”

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