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   Oct 23

You Used to Calm the Stormy Seas

I will forever mourn your absence…  You knew me better than anyone and loved me regardless and I will never recover from your loss.  A piece of me died with you that day.  RIP 10-24-08  I Love You!

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   Aug 06

The one worth suffering for…

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   Jun 13

Beware of Getting Trapped by a Narcissist

Everyone has heard the term narcissist and most know that is has to do with self centered behavior, but only those ladies who have fallen victim to a narcissist knows the whole truth about the situation.  I have developed my understanding of the term based on close proximity observations.  My best friend in this whole [...]

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   Jun 07

Dedicated Quote

“One day you may be old enough to enjoy fairy tales again.” C.S. Lewis This quote is dedicated to all those Kittens out there who thought they had found their Prince Charming only to discover they were wrong.  Don’t let a few rotten apples ruin your taste for apple pie.  Your prince will come to [...]

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