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Erotic Ramblings of a Self Professed Lap Kitten

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   Sep 10

I had gotten hot…

I had gotten hot and kicked the blanket and sheet off of my legs.  His chest draped against my back heavy and warm.  His breath drifted across my neck and shoulder in a steady rhythm that made me relax in the dark and sink further into the comfort of the moment.  His knee was anchored [...]

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   Aug 16

Emilee & Landri

The air seemed calm as it swished the long, graceful leaves of the weeping willows back and forth lazily in the breeze.  The sound was gentle and un-alarming.  Moisture and the smell of rain permeated the night air.  It was unusual this time of year to have a night such as this. Emilee let herself [...]

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   Aug 09

Awww… This makes me want to write a story!

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   Aug 08

Your pheromones beckon to me…

 Her long dark hair was pulled up loosely into a ponytail but several tendrils had slipped loose and draped her face softly.  She sat quietly on a small stool positioned in front of a large mirror leaned against the wall, the only light illuminating the room was from the faint glow of a candle flickering [...]

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   Aug 01

The River…

As expected, the water was ice cold; the perfect contrast to the scorching heat of the day. We floated along lazily laughing and talking. We opted to tie our tubes together, one for the cooler and the other for us. I was in heaven. I could stretch out across his lap or chest. I was [...]

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   Jul 29

I was supposed to meet a friend for a drink…

It had been a long day at work.  I had promised a friend to meet her this evening but now that I was comfortably seated at the bar waiting for my drink she had called to cancel due to her own version of a long day that still had not ended.  Somehow I managed to [...]

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   Jul 27

She tasted sweet…

He nuzzled her neck and inhaled the last traces of her perfume as he ran his hand down the length of her arm and around her waist.  Her breathing was becoming heavier as his hand slid under her shirt making contact with her bare skin.  She giggled under her breath and he tensed for a [...]

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   Jul 22

Sex in the middle of the night…

The night air was chilly.  I found myself awake listening to the frogs sing and the cricket’s chirp.  Occasionally, I would see lighting bugs flickering as they crawled across the outside of the screens.  I snuggled down under the soft comforter and stretched my legs out straight running the bottoms of my feet down his [...]

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   Jul 18

Sex on the porch…

  I lay in the hammock on the front porch watching the rain coming down in sheets.  The clouds were dark and ominous.  The thunder claps and the lightening lights up the sky like a strobe.  I see the headlights of his truck come up the drive and pull to a stop.  He makes short [...]

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   Jul 18

She slid beneath the cool silky sheets…

She slid beneath the cool silky sheets and smiled to herself in the dark.  She opened and closed her legs in a scissor motion and enjoyed the sensation sliding across her skin.  Her nipples hardened instantly and she sighed out load snuggling deeper beneath the covers.  She had left her curtains open on purpose so [...]

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   Jul 15

Exercising Restraint…

I instantly get wet when he passes through the room.  I watch his jaw clench and wonder what is running through his mind.  Is he having the same wrestling match with restraint that I am?  I want to touch him and feel the smoothness of his skin beneath my fingers.  His hands are large and [...]

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   Jul 14

He has my hands bound above my head…

He has my hands bound above my head. This is a rare moment; this is marked down as one of my soft limits. I almost made it a hard limit but saw the disappointment in his eyes as I started to check it off the list. I can endure it for him. He is standing [...]

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   Jun 15

The Hum of Middle C

I sat in the hot, bubbling water trying to shake the tension that had drenched my day.  The moon was full and every star was visible in the night sky.  I could hear the mother coyotes training their young to hunt off in the distance.  The wind picked up, whipping the trees around, when I [...]

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